America First

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What’s the agenda? It’s simple. AMERICA FIRST.

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Economy – It’s not the economy stupid, its Democrat obstructionism.

Joe volunteered in 2016 in Connecticut, and across the country and appeared on CNN multiple times defending our now-President Trump. He stands with the President and supports making the historic 2017 Tax Cuts permanent. Our economy is back and we are creating more good-paying jobs than ever before. African American unemployment is at an historic low, equal pay for equal work is on the rise, right to work is trending, overseas jobs are coming back to America and government deregulation is becoming the new norm; all because of President Trump. Trump’s military spending is also increasing jobs and wages in Connecticut, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Connecticut should join in on the corporate tax rate cuts by implementing them at the state level as the Trump administration has done. Together with the administration’s cut in corporate tax rates down to 21%, Connecticut could position itself to become Delaware north. During his run for Governor, Joe proposed eliminating Connecticut’s 7.5% corporate tax rate which would help companies stay, expand, or relocate here and catch the wave of companies returning to America who are looking for new headquarters or manufacturing facilities.

  • Support Trump’s Tax Plan and Job Act
  • Push to end regulations that hurt small businesses
  • Consider our nation’s growing debt and its effect on the nation before signing on to  any spending bill
  • Two simple rules: buy American and hire American
  • Fair trade, not free trade
  • Take jobs back from foreign countries and lower unemployment
  • Focus on infrastructure and take the crumbling foundation situation seriously, before there is a housing bubble

Infrastructure – You can get there from here.

Connecticut, now more than ever, needs the help of the Trump administration to find the solutions that will work for our state. Internal toll waivers need to be granted in the event that Democrats succeed in passing a devastating statewide toll plan. Our bridges, roads and rail systems need an immediate increase in funding from Washington due to the fact that our State is in the heart of a National Security Corridor. We are home to numerous integral defense companies including Sikorsky, Electric Boat and Pratt & Whitney. As Connecticut’s highways and bridges continue to deteriorate and the state continues to raid its own Transportation fund, it’s important to remember that the gas tax cannot carry the costs of our infrastructure needs and neither can the taxpayer. We are at a tipping point: border tolls with tax credits for Connecticut W-2 workers may be our only solution. Joe is working now to get the ear of the President and others in the Trump Administration to seek internal toll waivers which can help Connecticut rise out of a mess of its own making.

Immigration & Law Enforcement – Build the wall and enforce the law.

Joe supports an enforced immigration system with checks and balances against obstructionist sanctuary cities. We either have laws or we don’t. We either enforce laws or we don’t. We either have a country or we don’t. Cheap, illegal labor undermines American jobs, and strains our public safety net.  The illegal drugs and sex trafficking that are flooding across our border undermine the rule of law, personal health and welfare, and increase crime across our nation. Notably with gangs like MS13. It’s time we put a shovel in the ground, build the wall, and monitor our nation’s borders to protect American citizens as well as visa holders and tourists.

  • Enforce the laws, don’t break them
  • Unify behind law enforcement and support the victims of crimes, not the law breakers
  • Stand strong against sanctuary cities and illegal immigration
  • Punish publicly elected officials who don’t let ICE do their job
  • Build the wall and enhance border security with troops and the latest technology
  • Continue the fight against MS-13 and any other groups that threaten our way of life

Foreign PolicyThe best defense is real defense.

As the Trump administration counters 8 years of weak and failed policies from the Obama Administration, it has become ever-so-clear that like Reagan, Trump’s commitment to military strength is the best way to secure peace. The military needs to be empowered to make on-the-ground decisions at a second’s notice. No one messes with strength, and no one will test our allies. We can see the successful results of a strong military and strong leadership against ISIS in 2017. France has recently and actively rejoined America in the war in Syria. Strength and our enemies’ fear of our strength has also led North Korea to realize that fairness and words matter. They fear President Trump’s commitment to our eastern hemisphere allies like Japan. China has also learned the meaning of fair trade. Joe supports the President’s push-back against China’s currency manipulation, dumping of cheap steel and intellectual property theft against American businesses- and believes China is getting the message.

  • A strong military protects our way of life
  • No nation building- our nation comes first
  • Support the President’s efforts to bring peace in the Koreas
  • Eradicate Islamic Extremism
  • Advocate for the protection of Christians and Jews being persecuted overseas
  • Call out nations that target our intellectual property rights
  • Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel
  • Scrap the Iran Deal that Chris Murphy supported

Constitutional Rights The Bill of Rights is not a liability, it’s an asset.

As an American who has exercised his Second Amendment rights to carry a firearm for over 35 years, Joe understands the value and responsibility of that right. As with all rights, including the right to remain silent, the right to free speech, assembly, religion, sexuality, privacy, etc., Joe swears to uphold the United States Constitution, and all God given rights.


  • Our children are our future
  • Establish a new evaluation process to identify struggling schools
  • School vouchers should not be a replacement process for failing schools
  • Best education decisions are made at the local level
  • Eliminate Common Core
  • Strengthen our vocational schools and job readiness programs
  • Emphasize civics in our schools and review books for extreme bias
  • Americans stand during the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance

Social Issues

  • Pro-life
  • Religion should be respected, not targeted
  • People should never be discriminated against due to their race or sexual orientation
  • Support the poor through welfare to work programs
  • Focus on the Opioid Crisis and other drug related matters
  • Ensure that Americans that have disabilities are properly supported
  • Provide extended support to Military Veterans, especially those struggling

Science, Technology, and the Environment

  • Private-Public partnership needed for NASA
  • Government should be held accountable for unwarranted surveillance on innocent citizens
  • Encourage both space and underwater exploration
  • Encourage alternative sources of energy that don’t stifle economic growth
  • Strong supporter of animals and protecting vulnerable species